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Paint Polishing & Correction Services  

Does your paint have some shine, but it looks dull and scratched? Does it appear you have round scratches resembling a spider web? If you answered yes to either of these questions then your paint would benefit from a polish.  All of our packages are designed to give you maximum value while restoring your paint to a like new state.  Our level 1 polish is the perfect choice for those who can live with some swirl marks and light scratches seeking a balance between cost and perfection. Our Level 2 takes it up a notch and refines those smaller swirl marks and imperfections leaving behind a nicer, cleaner finish. The level 3 is designed for cars with deep imperfections. It is also an ideal choice for antique cars, show cars, super cars, or for those wanting to get as close to new as possible. Please note that with all packages, 100% correction is impossible; however, the correction values set a realistic expectation, but no two cars are the same.  All packeges come with our 8-month ceramic sealant.  We recommend pairing them with a ceramic coating for maximum benefit and longitivtiy.  



Level 1 Polish:

Our level service is a one step polish designed to remove some light defects and visually enhance the paint. This package should remove approximately 40-60% of light to moderate scratches and swirls. This package is perfect for newer cars with light swirls and if you’re looking to tackle the most swirls for the least amount of money.   


Highlights of this Service Include:

Thorough Wash from Top to Bottom. 


Wheels, Tires and Wheel Wells Scrubbed, Deep Cleaned and shined. 

2-stage decontamination (Iron Fall out and Clay Bar).   


1 Step Machine Polish and Ceramic Sealant Rated for 8-months protection. 


Starts at $499 cars 


Time wise allow 5-6 hours 


This is the perfect time to upgrade to a ceramic coating with options ranging from 2 years to 8+ years. 


Level 2 Polish: 


If your once glossy paint has lost its luster and you can no longer see your reflection, then a level 2 polish may be what you need. This package is designed as a 2-stage polish using a medium and ultrafine polish to enhance and remove approximately 70-80% of scratches and moderate imperfections in the paint.

This is all of our level 1, but with a second stage and a set of paint measurements taken. This will further eliminate and reduce swirl marks. Choose this package if you want to take your paint to the next level. This is also topped off with an 8-month 9H Sealant by SystemX, the gold standard when it comes to Ceramic products.


Time: 7-8 hours 


Cars 649-749


Level 3 Polish: 

This package is designed for cars with moderate to heavy scratches and moderate oxidation. If your paint is severely oxidized please schedule a detailing consultation, so we can go over the correct steps to ensure it is reversible and set the expectations. This package is all our level 1 and 2 with a combination of a compound, medium and light polish to remove severe scratches and defects.  Depending on the severity of the paint we aim for an 85-90% improvement overall.  We may also wet-sand deeper scratches and ground in imperfections i.e. bird droppings, sap, etc. that are stuck in the clear coat. 


Cars 879-979

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