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Welcome to Andrews Auto Care, where we transform your vehicle's protection and shine into a masterpiece of durability and aesthetics with our ceramic car coating service.

Imagine driving a car that repels dirt, resists scratches, and gleams with a hydrophobic shine every day. That's the power of ceramic coating for you! A revolutionary treatment designed to protect it while enhancing its beauty!

What We Offer

Ceramic Coating for Cars

Our advanced coating technology provides an unbeatable layer of protection against external aggressors like dirt, scratches, and harmful UV rays. By creating a hydrophobic surface, it ensures liquids and water simply bead up and roll off, keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer periods.

Beyond Paint Protection

Yes, our ceramic coatings aren't just for your car's paint. We also extend our expertise to cover virtually every surface of your vehicle–from your windscreen and windows to even the plush seats within. We ensure total vehicle protection, inside and out!

Tailored to Your Needs

With options ranging from 2 years to an astounding 10 years of protection, we got you covered! We fit your lifestyle, needs, and budget seamlessly. Our goal here is to provide you with a solution that maximizes protection without compromising on value.

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The Transformation Process of Your Ceramic Car Coating

Consultation and Evaluation

We begin with a thorough discussion to understand your specific needs and evaluate your vehicle's current condition. In this way, we can recommend the best option for you. We listen intently, nodding along–because we get it–you want nothing but the best for your ride!


Our team goes to great lengths, meticulously cleaning and correcting the surface to ensure it’s flawless. And just like painting over a dirty wall won't give you smooth results, doing it over an unprepared surface just won't do, too! So we leave no stone unturned, making sure it is in the prime condition needed to welcome its new protective shield!


We then apply the coating with precision so that every molecule of the formula bonds with your car’s surface, guaranteeing even and complete coverage!


Once applied, it undergoes a curing period to solidify the bond to develop its strength, durability, and the glossy finish that makes your car stand out.

Final Inspection

We ensure that it not only meets but exceeds our high standards, seeing the culmination of our efforts shining back at us–literally! Once we give the green light, your vehicle is ready to hit the road, not just looking better than ever but also equipped with unmatched protection and shine.

Ready to Elevate Your Vehicle’s Protection?

If you would like to learn more about our coatings and costs please contact us and we would be glad to go over all of our options and create a solution that works for your budget.  

Give us a call at 770-624-9099 for more info, or click the Contact Us button below. 

Ready to book? Just click book now! 

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