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Ceramic Coatings 

Our Ceramic Coating service is the perfect way to give your car an extra level of protection. Our advanced coating technology provides a superior layer of protection against dirt, scratches, and UV rays, while also creating a hydrophobic layer that repels liquids and water. Your car will look better and last longer with our Ceramic Coating service.  With Ceramic Coating options ranging from 2-years up to 10 years we can easily find a coating to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget. 


Did you know ceramic coatings aren't just for your paint? That's right we can ceramic coat virtually every surface of your car from the glass to your seats! If you would like to learn more about our coatings and costs please contact us and we would be glad to go over all of our options and create a solution that works for your budget.   Give us a call at 770-624-9099 for more info, or click the contact us button below.  Ready to book? Just click book now! 

Ceramic Coating Genisis
2 year ceramic coating Andrew's Auto Care
10 year Ceramic Coated Jeep
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