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Interior Services 

  In a 2018 it was estimated that Americans spend an average of 18 full days per year, or roughly 432 hours in their vehicles. If you drive around Atlanta, you may spend more time than that in your car.  With that in mind we created a package designed for you to get the most enjoyment out of your vehicle.  If you would like the glove box and inside the center console cleaned please remove all items. We will also vacuum the trunk provided it is free and clear of clutter.  

  Interior Detail Summary 

  • Complete interior vacuum (any and all areas)

  • All rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces deep cleaned, steamed and UV protected. (Ex. door panels, cup holders, dash, etc.)

  • Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo and Hot Water Extraction.  

  • Spot and Stain Treatment 

  • Stain protection added

  • Interior Glass cleaned. 

  • Door Jambs Wiped down. 

  • Leather Cleaned and Protected. 

  • Headliner touched up and cleaned  

 Cars and single cab trucks $185-225


Station Wagons and 2 row SUV/Trucks starting $189-229


Medium 3 Row SUV's e.g. Highlander-Q7 $195-235


3 Row Large SUV's and Minivans starting at $199-249


*Additional Charges apply for heavily soiled vehicles, and pet hair removal. 


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