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       Exterior Only Detail 

Exterior Car Detailing is the perfect way to protect and shine your vehicle. The exterior detail begins with a pre-wash using specialized tools to  target and remove stubborn dirt in cracks and crevices. After we finish our pre-wash, we will hand wash the vehicle removing dirt, debris, and oxidation from the paintwork. Lastly, we will not only make your paint shine, but we will leave behind a layer of lasting protection.  Our Exterior Car Detail provides the ultimate protection and shine for your vehicle.



Exterior Only Pricing Starting at: 

Car $179-209

2 Row SUV $185-215

3 Row SUV/Full Size Truck $189-219

XL SUV and Oversize (Suburban, F-250) $195-225


Exterior Only Highlights: 

  • Thorough Car Wash 

  • Clay Bar 

  • Door Jambs Cleaned

  • Ceramic Sealant Rated for 6+ months protection

  • Paint is protected for 3 to 6 months 

  • Exterior Windows Cleaned


Exterior FAQ: 

How long does the wax last? Our wax is rated for 4 to 6 months of protection. 


Is a Ceramic Wax the same as a Ceramic Coating? No, a Ceramic Wax has a very small amount of SiO2. 


What is a cleaner wax? A cleaner wax is deep cleaning wax with a very light polish added to it. 

Will this fix swirl marks in my paint? This package will not fix swirls and scratches? Please contact us, so we can determine the correct steps. 

My Carpets are super dirty, do you clean those? This package does not include interior cleaning Please see the full detail ( Click here)


I don't need a full interior detail, but would like it vacuumed, can I add that? Yes, you may add an interior vacuum. Please contact us for pricing. 


Do you clean the door jambs? Yes, all of our detailing packages include a thorough cleaning of the door jambs. 

Does this package include a clay bar? Yes it does.  




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