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Five tips for a Clean Car

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Five tips to keep your car clean year around! Our cars see a lot of abuse from pot holes to parking lots. In this article we give you five tips to keep your car looking new year-round. The interior of our cars catch a lot of dirt even the most well kept cars are not immune from tracking in debris and life's mishaps. It is better if the car is not daily driven, but for most of us that is not option.

Tip #1:

All Season Floor mats. We detail and maintain a lot of cars and we recommend all season floor mats, they are relatively inexpensive and will go along way in keeping the interior clean. Ones designed to fit your vehicle seem to be better; however, the generic ones will do a decent job of keeping the floor mats and carpets looking like new. If you don’t like the look, or you are trying to impress someone, you can always take them out and pop them back in.

Tip #2:

Clean up spills immediately. Believe it or not you do not have to have a carpet extractor to produce results. Technology has come a long way and the foaming carpet cleaner you find in the automotive isle at the store will do a decent job. If you have a bissell or similar carpet machine those will produce the best results, but blotting the stain and cleaning it will go along way.

Tip #3:

This tip is for the exterior of the car. A regular detail and maintenance wash also goes a long way in keeping the exterior shine. Life happens and washing the car is not always top of mind, so hiring a professional can save you time and money. We custom tailor every maintenance program, so we can ensure your car is getting the utmost TLC.

Tip #4: Keeping a good coat of wax on your car is essential to keeping your paints luster. Wax is sun screen for your cars paint and helps to prevent paint fade. Most waxes store bought and professional grade last about 3 months on average. Of course different variables affect that.

We recommend waxing quarterly. If that seems like a lot of waxing you would be correct. Technology has evolved in such a way that paint sealants and ceramic coatings are now available and offer more protection . We will dive into these later.

Tip #5: It goes without saying call us, we are always here if you need us! However, if you enjoy doing it yourself subscribe to our blog and coming soon, our YouTube channel.

Andrew's Auto Care LLC is based in Woodstock GA and offers mobile detailing to the Atlanta community north of I-20.

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