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Express Detail

A true Mobile Hand Car Wash 


Welcome to our Express Detail, a true mobile hand car wash! This is the most basic service we offer. The express detail starts out with a foam bath to loosen and remove light dirt floating on the surface. During this process we make sure to clean the wheels, tires, and chemically treat any bugs. After all of this is complete we rinse the car of any extra foam and begin the hand wash process. After we have finished hand washing the car, we will force air dry the exterior and clean up any remaining water droplets. 

After the exterior is complete the next step is to clean and dust the interior starting with a wipe down of the door jambs, panels, and dash, and cup holders. Last, but not least while we are still working on the inside we will vacuum the carpets and floor mats.  Please allow 2 to 2.5 hours to complete this service. Again this pricing and time is based on the initial service.    

In order to better assist you, and our client base the last day to book this package will be December 31,2022. 



Highlights of this service: 

  • Interior Seats and Carpets Vacuumed, leather wiped

  • Dash Dusted and Wiped down, Vents Brushed Clean, All Season Mats Cleaned. 

  • Door, Trunk and Fuel Door Cleaned  

  • Wash with a 3-week wax application.

  • Upgrade to a 3-month ceramic wax for $59 

  • Tires Shined and Windows Inside and Our Clean 

Initial Pricing with no prior service:


 Cars $119

2-row SUV (Rav-4 or smaller)  $125


3 Row SUV/Full Size Truck (Highlander-Q7) $129


XL  Oversize/Minivan $135


Exterior Only Pricing: 

Cars $75

Small SUV $79
Medium SUV, Full Size Truck $89

LG SUV/Minivan $95

Lifted Trucks/ XL SUV $99


RV's, Boats and Motorcycles Call for pricing. 



How long does this take? Allow 1.5 to 2.5 hours for this service depending on vehicle size. 


Do you come to me? Yes, we travel to you. 

Does this come with a carpet Shampoo? This package does not come with a shampoo. 


I have all season mats, do you clean those? We will vacuum and wipe them off, but we do not deep clean them.  We will gladly scrub all season mats for a small up charge. 


What is the difference between this and a full detail? 

This is our most basic service, and does not offer a carpet shampoo any UV protections, or a wax. 


Why is this so much more than the car wash? 


Our focus is on quality over quantity! We also spend an average of 90 minutes on every car we touch ensuring that every surface is clean. 

You said with no prior service, what is a prior service? 


We offer custom tailored maintenance programs for our clients. Our maintenance programs are only available after we have performed a service on your car. 



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