Ceramic Coatings 

Are you looking for long-term vehicle protection? Then a Ceramic Coating is a great choice.  As an authorized System X installer we offer coatings ranging from 2 years all the up to 10+ years.  Our coatings are so slick they will make washing your car a breeze, as they not only repel dirt, and contaminates, but also UV rays.  


Reasons to choose a Ceramic Coating: 



Your vehicle faces damage everyday from the sun, bugs, salt, bird droppings, and other environmental factors all play a role in damaging your finish. 



All System X coatings work with CARFAX, so your coating is documented, increasing the value of your car, and making it stand out from the pack when it comes time to sell it.  With coatings lasting from 2-years all the way up to 10+ years you are sealing in that show-room, like new shine for years to come. Our coatings do not wash off like waxes and sealants. 


Our price includes an exterior detail, single stage paint polish designed to remove contaminates and scratches stuck in the paint leaving behind a high-quality long-lasting, deep-shine that doesn't fade. Note: We always recommend at least a single stage paint correction. 


The Crystal Coating is designed to give you 2-3 years of protection, high shine and an exceptional value. Crystal forms a strong chemical bond to paint clear coat unlike traditional waxes and sealants,  which offer only short term protection and sit on top of the clear coat.  


Pricing Starting At: 

Car $769

2 Row SUV $819

3 Row SUV/Full Size Truck $889

XL SUV and Oversize (Suburban, F-250) $969

System X Pro gives you 6 years of protection, 9H hardness, and a color enhancing gloss, it is a great choice when looking for long-term protection and a medium grade shine great for matte vehicles. 

Pricing Starting At:

Car $859

2 Row SUV $908

3 Row SUV/Full Size Truck $978

XL SUV and Oversize (Suburban, F-250) $1059

System X Max gives you 10+ years of protection, 9H hardness, and a deep, slick, high gloss shine that will not fade. Max is the thickest coating on the market, about 8X's thicker than our Crystal Coating making it the best choice when you are looking for long-term protection, and high resale value.  Due to its strong nature, Max is the recommended coating for RV's, Boats, and wheels including metal, alloy, and aluminum.  

Pricing Starting At:

Car $995

2 Row SUV $1065

3 Row SUV/Full Size Truck $1135

XL SUV and Oversize (Suburban, F-250) $1199

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