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Ceramic Coatings 

Are you looking for long-term vehicle protection? Then a Ceramic Coating is a great choice.  As an authorized installer we offer coatings ranging from 2 years all the up to 10+ years.  Our coatings are so slick they will make washing your car a breeze, as they not only repel dirt, and contaminates, but also UV rays.  If you are looking for a ceramic coating near me, than look no further. We offer Ceramic Coating and Mobile Detailing services to cities such, as Alpharetta, Roswell, Woodstock and most of metro Atlanta. 


Reasons to choose a Ceramic Coating: 

Protection: Your vehicle faces damage everyday from the sun, bugs, salt, bird droppings, and other environmental factors all play a role in damaging your finish. Coatings can also help reduce the risk of scratching and marring from car washes and parking lots. 


Value: Ceramic Coatings save you money over the long run because the protection is far superior to waxes and sealants and your paint will stay looking new for years to come! Ceramic Coatings do not wash off like waxes and sealants do.  

Shine: Ceramic Coatings have an unbeatable shine that will make the vehicle appear wet and freshly washed for years to come. 


 You might be wondering how much do ceramic coatings cost?  The simple answer is that depends on the level of protection you want.  Generally you can expect to spend between $800 and 2000 for a professionally installed ceramic coating.  




What kind of coating options do you offer? We offer 2, 5, and 10+ year coatings. When you book a free ceramic coating consultation one of our coating experts will be happy to address you concerns and design a coating that suits your lifestyle, car and budget.   



  Are you ready to discuss your ceramic coating with one of our experts?  Book a free consultation. 


Still have questions or concerns? Give us a call 770-624-9099

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