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Andy's VIP Program 

 Are you looking to keep your car in showroom shape?  If you answered yes to that question, then our maintenance program is a great option for you.  Andy's VIP Program is designed to keep your car looking and feeling like new.  This program is only for VIP's like yourself who have completed either an express detail, or a full detail. The VIP program saves you time and money, all while protecting  the resale value of your car.  



We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services to suit your needs. Obviously no two customers have the same needs, so we can tailor a program to suit your needs.  Our clients place value in knowing their car is clean and protected at each service interval.   I want to sign up/ see prices, where can I do that? Click the sign up button you will be taken to another page that shows sample pricing and will let you choose a time/date for a free consultation. 



How does it work? Upon signing up we will select a date/time that works best for your schedule and follow up with you a few days prior to showing up.  This service is not available if you have not had a previous detail in 90-days. 



Do I have to pre-pay? At this time we do not require pre-payment; however, we do offer a discount for pre-payment, and reserve the right to bill you at a higher tier for missed appointments. 


What if I miss a service because it's raining, too cold, etc.?  We know the weather isn't always on our side, in that event we will make up the missed service ASAP. As a vip you receive priority scheduling.  You will not be billed at a higher tier for a missed service that is out of our/your control.


What if I miss a few services?  Life happens we will move you up to the next highest tier for that service, provided you get back on track, your service will go back down to the usual price we agreed upon.


Will my rates go up? Unfortunately we cannot control the cost of our supplies, and inflation, but we will inform well in advance of any rate changes, and will never skimp on the quality of service. 

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